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userI was born in Palermo, Sicily in March 1960, from a lawyer Sicilian father (Maggiore) and a Dutch mother (van Beest).

I went to Vittorio Emanuele II high school of humanities, and then I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Master Degree “magna cum laude” in 2016 at the University of Palermo.

After the military duty (Italy Army Corps of Engineers), I started working for EniChem SpA in 1988, Eni’s chemical company, as Assistant Project Engineer.

In March 1991 I moved to SnamProgetti SpA and grew through different roles of increasing responsibility: first as Project Engineer, then as Project Co-ordinator, thereafter as Deputy Proposal Manager, subsequently as Deputy Project Manager, then Contract Manager, thereafter Project Manager; my last assignment in SnamProgetti was as Proposal Manager.

In May 2001 I started my own consulting business up to December 2011.

In January 2012 I started my assignment as Managing Director of GICOTECNICA srl until July 2019.

From September 2019 I re-started my own consulting business.

My hobbies are sailing, swimming, trekking, book readings, jazz music, cooking and bricolage.

I volunteer in Milan, Italy with the International League for the Human Rights and with the Pane Quotidiano.

Since March 2012 I’m married to Nika.

You can download my professional CV from hereDownloadPDFButton

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Ottorino Maggiore van Beest

20097 San Donato Milanese MI - Italy

VAT 10640770961

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