Business Development
& Internationalization

Your Co. is facing one or more of these problems:

  1. difficulty in engaging prospects

  2. very low number of request for proposal received

  3. unsatisfactory success rate of submitted proposals

  4. low margin on acquired orders

  5. dissatisfaction with the results of your sales team

  6. competitors acquire the best customers

  7. prices are higher than the competition and it is difficult to get them accepted

and probably many more.

Depending on the criticalities identified, we teamwork with you in:

identifying specific business opportunities, partners, both at homeland and abroad, and go along with you in catching these opportunities to sustain your growth and increase your value;

developing an industrial project, evaluating partners, financial institutions, technologies, contractors, interfacing local authorities, identifying areas for industrial settlement, and risks;

optimising a commercial project, studying the best strategy, evaluating the potential market, identifying customers and risks, and promoting your products;

setting-up a new system to better manage the entire commercial process.

Why we differ from our competitors:

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Ottorino Maggiore van Beest

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